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Show Notes

John Hale, President and Co-Founder of Corporate Travel, discusses the importance of always being open to God’s grace, and what he learned during the trials of the pandemic.

(0:44) Emily and Fr. Patrick share updates of what’s going on in their lives, from new opportunities for fellowship to the birth and baptism of a baby girl for previous ODP guests Jordan and Napoli Beachnau! They also discuss Mothers Day traditions in their parishes and lives.

(5:25) Emily introduces this episode’s guest, John Hale, President and Co-Owner of Corporate Travel. John shares a little bit about his family of seven and his business. He also talks about where his favorite place is of everywhere he’s traveled.

(10:24) John talks about the importance of the people that God has placed in his life who have reflected the love of Christ through their lives. He reflects on his early life in Port Huron being full of fun and laughter and the joy that has brought to his discipleship.

(14:05) Fr. Patrick asks John about a time in his childhood or teenage years when he felt a very clear call to follow Jesus, and John reflects on his godparents teaching him to pray the rosary when he was in grade school. He shares how his relationship to the rosary has helped him become more deeply connected to Mass and the scriptures.

(17:19) John shares the story of how he and his wife met and how marriage has helped him grow more as a disciple. He talks about the particular graces his wife and children were throughout the trials of the pandemic.

(23:42) John discusses some of the ways he remained open to the grace of God in his life, especially throughout the challenges of the past year and a half. He mentions the habits his family established during the lockdown, as well as the daily meditative prayer he did as part of Exodus 90.

(29:29) Emily asks John about the graces God has placed in his life recently, and John mentions his recent contribution to ‘Looking for God’ by Teresa Tomeo, as well as a profound moment he heard God’s voice during Mass in the pandemic.

(32:05) Fr. Patrick asks John what his big dreams are these days. John shares that his main hope right now is to be able to provide the life-enriching experiences he’s been able to give people in the past, and that he’s able to help others grow in faith and love.

(34:21) Fr. Patrick, John, and Emily close in prayer.

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