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Show Notes

Jordan and Napoli Beachnau join Fr. Patrick and Emily to discuss marriage as a vocation, a sacrament, and a way to live the Gospel.

Show notes:

(0:59) Emily and Fr. Patrick catch up and discuss the hope that comes with the first signs of spring, the way individuals are coming back to Mass with the end of the general dispensation, and the graces found in this Lenten season.

(5:08) Fr. Patrick introduces this episode’s guests, Jordan and Napoli Beachnau and shares a bit about their hobbies and the experience they shared walking the Camino de Santiago in 2018.

(8:25) Jordan shares the story of his conversion to Catholicism and the role his sister played in bringing him into the Church. He talks about his experience discerning the priesthood and how that was changed by a powerful revelation from Mary at Lourdes.

(14:15) Napoli shares her testimony of her Catholic upbringing from her Baghdad-born parents and the constant tugging the Lord has had on her heart — she just didn’t know it was him! She talks about encountering Jesus through love of other people and the gentleness the Lord has shown her.

(19:09) Jordan reflects on the night before their wedding, when he heard Jesus calling them to more than just what an earthly marriage looks like. He discusses the discernment he and Napoli did before their ceremony and the way they live out their marriage as a grace-filled sacrament together.

(24:47) Napoli shares her experience with the Camino trip in 2018, and how the Lord was revealing hurt on her heart that was preventing her from drawing fully into him and the Camino was a time to work through that emotional strife. She shares the foundation that this has laid for her and Jordan’s marriage and how it inspires them to turn to the Lord with any difficulty.

(29:01) Jordan talks more about the moments after Mary’s revelation to him at Lourdes and how it changed his relationship with Napoli almost instantly. The two also discuss how they find strength in times of difficulty in their relationships with each other or with Christ, and the grace that they find in the moments when they’re closest to Jesus.

(37:28) Napoli talks about her experience as a Creighton practitioner intern and how it has related to their vocation of becoming parents. She discusses fertility and reproductive issues she has experienced, the effect it had on their marriage, and the miracle of the child they’re now expecting.

(49:39) Jordan and Napoli share advice they would give to newlyweds living through the pandemic and quarantine together, and Fr. Patrick closes with a blessing.

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