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Show Notes

Fr. Jake VanAssche, administrator at St. Damien of Molokai Parish in Pontiac, discusses his priestly vocation and the graces that come when we remain open to God.

(0:25) Emily and Fr. Patrick catch up and share some updates from their lives, including Tigers games, street ministry, reading Romans, a trip to South Bend and more.

(6:45) Fr. Patrick introduces this episode’s guest, Fr. Jake VanAssche, Administrator of St. Damien of Molokai Parish in Pontiac! He shares some fun facts about Fr. Jake, and Fr. Jake elaborates, discussing his hobbies of shooting clays and woodworking — and his role as a new great-uncle!

(9:41) Fr. Jake discusses what it was like growing up as the youngest of nine, the role their Catholic faith had in their upbringing, and when he started hearing the call to the priesthood. He talks about his experience altar serving, and a particularly impactful priest from his youth.

(15:45) Fr. Jake expands more on his vocation story and how, when he really became open to receiving God’s grace, he felt peace in knowing God’s plan for him. Emily asks about Fr. Jake’s experience hearing God, and Fr. Jake mentions the changes he felt in his heart, and the need he felt to go to confession.

(25:46) Fr. Patrick asks Fr. Jake about his big dreams these days, and Fr. Jake responds that he hopes that people will go to heaven, and that on earth they will know joy. He talks about the desire to be holy and about what things his parish is doing to help others encounter Jesus and feel this joy.

(32:43) Fr. Jake shares some things that keep him joyful, like spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament, praying to Our Lady, and celebrating Mass. He then closes in prayer.

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