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Show Notes

Archbishop Vigneron reflects on the Year of St. Joseph and the model the Patron of the Universal Church sets for all the lay faithful.

(0:43) While reflecting on the past month, Archbishop Vigneron, Mike, and Mary discuss the end of the general dispensation from the Sunday obligation in March. Archbishop discusses what that means and who still has dispensation. He also talks about why we have an obligation and what makes Mass so central to a Catholic life.

(5:10) Mike asks if Archbishop has received any feedback about returning to Mass from parishes, and Archbishop shares the success he’s observed. He also mentions the safety protocols churches have in place, and the acts of charity we do for others when we observe them.

(7:34) Mary introduces the Year of St. Joseph, which Pope Francis announced on December 8, 2020, and Archbishop explains a little more about what that is. Archbishop also talks a bit about the pope’s letter Patris Corde and what we can glean from it.

(11:03) Archbishop reflects on the inspiration he finds in St. Joseph, and he, Mary, and Mike discuss the lives of the Holy Family as real, human experiences to which we can relate, emphasizing that no moment of our lives exists outside the transformation of the Holy Spirit.

(16:23) Archbishop considers the way boys often model themselves after their dads, and that in his human incarnation, so much of how Our Lord behaved would likely have been modeled from St. Joseph.

(19:08) Mike, Mary, and Archbishop reflect on the announcement of the Year of St. Joseph arriving on the 150th anniversary of Pope Pius IX naming St. Joseph the Protector of the Universal Church and how that is relevant to us today.

(23:51) Mary reflects on the 33 Day Consecration to St. Joseph and how the connection to each of his titles has enhanced her spiritual life and the lives of those with whom she’s been doing the consecration.

(27:06) Archbishop shares practical ways the faithful can commemorate this year of St. Joseph and asks for prayers for all priests, that they be good spiritual fathers. He reflects that the Holy Spirit knows the right path for everyone, and that people should trust their intuition in which prayers, devotions, or meditations are right for them.

(30:56) Archbishop answers questions from the faithful, discussing discernment of the priesthood, discernment of personal spiritual experiences, and what success will look like in the Families of Parishes implementation.

(39:15) Mike asks if Archbishop Vigneron has any prayer requests, and Archbishop mentions the final scrutiny examinations of deacons who are called to the priesthood, asking for intentions for them. Archbishop then closes with prayer.

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