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33-Day Consecration to St. Joseph

33 days of walking with St. Joseph for all men who have the charism of fatherhood, priests and parishioners alike.

With the phrase “guardian of the mystery of God” used to describe St. Joseph’s role in salvation history, Pope St. John Paul II has left us with a sure point of departure as we begin our 33-Day Consecration to St. Joseph. It is for us, all of us, to become a new creation, to become people who, having been knit together by the Holy Spirit, are now focused and bidden to draw life from the Mystery of God, from the mystery made flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, the one who bids us to come after him, called to become faithful guardians of the mystery of God.

In making this consecration to St. Joseph, we are asking the Holy Spirit, through the patronage of St. Joseph and in imitation of him, to bring into relief the identity we received at our baptism, reborn in order that we might permanently turn our gaze to wonder at Mary’s motherhood, to the infant who grew in wisdom and strength, that by his suffering, death, and resurrection, a world is redeemed, a love unassailable definitively and forever proclaimed. Jesus, by his sacred person and flesh, has remade the family into a God-bearing manger, which holds the mystery of sonship, of true spousal self-donation, of lifelong chaste fidelity to the will of God and the glory of his name.

God will use this consecration to draw you to a different promontory, from which all the mystery that is you will be understood anew in the mystery of God; he will draw you to embrace a new vision and identity, a vision which is caught up in his plan, in the mystery of Christ, so that your identity and mission, with the heavenly assistance of St. Joseph, might, like a precious gem, radiate the luminescence of the resurrection, the hope which cannot disappoint. If we don’t yet understand that Jesus and his suffering, death and resurrection is the new turning point for history — for each of us and for all of our history — then we especially need this consecration. We need the help of the one to whom God entrusted this mystery, to aid us and help us to remove the scales from our eyes, which troubled St. Paul and still frustrate us, so that the grandeur God has in store for us all, his glory, might be revealed.

I ask you to join me, and all the Archdiocese of Detroit, this Father’s Day — most particularly all men who have the charism of fatherhood, priests and parishioners alike — to walk these 33 days with St. Joseph, confident that with his help, we will be made by the Holy Spirit more apt guardians of the mystery of God. I urge you fathers, young and old, to particularly pay attention to the challenges contained in this consecration, to see in them a challenge to our complacency and torpor, to begin to exercise anew the gift which becomes clear to us as we meditate on the motherhood of Mary and the motherhood of our own beloved spouses.

If you should skip a day in this consecration, fear not. We are all running as fast as we can. Simply pray the missed prayer on the following day and continue on with your consecration. God bless us all and grant us a share in the renewal of all of our families.

— Bishop Gerard Battersby

The prayers for each week of the consecration are linked below and will be sent daily to those who sign up for the texts and emails by texting 33JOSEPH to 84576.

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