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Show Notes

Archbishop Vigneron, Mike, and Mary discuss the history and origins of the Divine Mercy devotion and what it means for our faith life today.

(0:53) Archbishop shares how his last month has been, particularly with celebrating Holy Week and Easter. He shares his excitement at having celebrated the Triduum with congregants in the cathedral, and he also mentions the great movement we’re currently seeing within Families of Parishes. Mike and Mary also reflect on the beauty of the Triduum and the great grace of being able to share it in a different way from last year.

(6:22) Mary introduces this month’s topic: Divine Mercy. Archbishop gives an overview of Jesus’s apparitions to St. Faustina and how they led to the Divine Mercy devotion, and relates this devotion to other notable devotions, such as the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Corpus Christi. Archbishop, Mike, and Mary reflect on how the Divine Mercy devotion was established at a time when we truly needed it, and how God’s Providence is always guiding us and revealing new things to us.

(10:33) Archbishop talks about the specific term “Divine Mercy.” He emphasizes that it reminds us that this mercy truly comes directly from the Father. He mentions the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Clinton Township, and Mary reflects on the image of Divine Mercy and how it came about. Archbishop gives some background on the image, and he, Mike and Mary reflect on how God uses everyday, ordinary people to share his divine message.

(15:11) Mary asks about specific ways individuals and families can recognize the Divine Mercy devotion. Archbishop suggests the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the image, and doing works of mercy. He addresses the importance of our works of mercy being more than just do-goodism, but being true acts of witness to Christ. Mike, too, reflects on the three “dimensions” of the devotion and the importance of showing mercy to others.

(21:26) Archbishop speaks on the relationship between Divine Mercy and the sacraments of Eucharist and reconciliation. The three also discuss the wide range of devotions available to Catholics and how Archbishop Vigneron participates in his own personal devotions. They talk more, too, about the Divine Mercy Shrine and a few other shrines within the Archdiocese of Detroit.

(30:56) Wrapping up the conversation on Divine Mercy, Archbishop encourages the faithful to find the best way for them to participate in the Divine Mercy and what grace God is offering to each individual.

(32:16) Archbishop answers questions from the faithful, such as Archbishop’s experience with both hearing and making confession, which pope Archbishop would regard as the most influential, and how to engage in conversation with people who question the Church’s teachings.

(47:22) Mike asks Archbishop for any prayer intentions, and Archbishop asks for prayers for the continued movement to Families of Parishes and for the priest leaders who will be moving to their Families in Wave 1. Archbishop then closes with a blessing.

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