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Show Notes

Archbishop Vigneron, Mike, and Mary discuss the meaning of “inherent dignity”, and how we, as Catholics, are called to uphold the truth that all people are created in the image and likeness of God.

(0:49) Archbishop reflects on his last month, how we’ve been living the reality of the pandemic for a full year, and his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

(2:12) Mary asks Archbishop what the Church means when referring to the inherent dignity of all people, and Archbishop responds with the very first revelation that we are all made in the image and likeness of God. The three discuss the sacrifice of Jesus, that his death for all people reaffirms this inherent dignity.

(7:47) Archbishop Vigneron reviews what specific issues fall under the Church’s teaching of human dignity, such as abortion, racism, treatment of immigrants, and capital punishment.

(14:00) Mike asks how we, as Catholics, should respond to certain assertions that people have a right to things like abortion or euthanasia, and how we can practically respond. Archbishop indicates that we should make our own case and treat others with respect, bearing witness to their dignity.

(15:29) Archbishop discusses how we can discern where God wants us to act, and how nobody can do everything, but that we’re all called to take some form of action, which will likely be different from the way another person is called, but that our duty is to still uphold the truth.

(21:35) Mary asks Archbishop about what it means for an issue to be “pre-eminent” especially in the context of life issues like abortion. He discusses the idea that an idea is preeminent because it touches the most foundational element of human dignity.

(26:11) Mike, Mary, and Archbishop reflect on the strangeness of an inability to gather for March for Life, but Archbishop reminds us that God is with us in this effort, and if he allowed it to happen this way, good will come of it.

(30:05) Archbishop shares what we can do to further the cause of pro-life issues and pro-life organizations, even during social distancing.

(31:19) Archbishop answers questions from the faithful about scripture reflection, communal penance, and his favorite books. Archbishop closes with a blessing.