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Show Notes

Emily and Fr. Patrick welcome guest Josh Ross, worship leader and music director at St. Anastasia parish. Josh shares his story of how God has worked in his life through his pursuit of a vocation in music and the power of music as worship to transform the communal Church.

(0:45) Fr. Patrick and Emily discuss what they are grateful for during this Thanksgiving season, highlighting growing in love for God, connecting with others, Unleash the Gospel, and the work of the Holy Spirit here in Detroit.

(5:55) Emily introduces guest Josh, and Fr. Patrick asks Josh if he can sing the Hallelujah, which Josh opens with on piano.

(8:00) Josh shares his faith journey and how he came to discern his vocation for music at a young age, leading us through the many opportunities God gave him to grow in both skill and passion for pursuing music as a form of worship and connecting others to God.

(19:20) Josh discusses the distinction between being a musician and being a worship leader, which for him goes beyond the music itself and is about leading people to worship Jesus through the medium of music.

(23:30) Emily asks Josh about what his dream is for the next five years, and Josh connects the ways in which he sees the Holy Spirit working in the Church and how he envisions opportunities for all Catholics to actively engage in expanding that work.

(31:30) Fr. Patrick asks Josh to share his opinion on the experiences of people during worship through music, and Josh reflects on his own moments of connection to God through personal worship, as well as the profound connection experienced through communal worship when he is leading his music ministry.

(35:30) Fr. Patrick reflects on the idea of “the one who sings prays twice” and Josh speaks to this concept by exploring the vulnerability and intentionality of worshiping through song.

(40:05) Josh leads closing prayer with Emily and Fr. Patrick.