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Show Notes

Mike Stechschulte has served as the Editor-in-Chief for Detroit Catholic for almost ten years. He shares with Fr. Patrick and Emily how he developed a love for storytelling, and how his current role gives him a unique birds-eye view on all the different ways that God is working here in Southeast Michigan.

“We just have such a robust dynamic archdiocese, and I think that there really is something in the church for everyone. We have robust pro-life ministries, we have ministries of service and charity. There’s so many different ways that people can get in touch with their faith and the beautiful social teachings that we have. And I think that getting to see that not everyone’s faith journey is the same that people encounter God in different ways.”

(0:42) Fr. Patrick shares exciting news of his growing congregation at Corpus Christi Parish in Detroit. Emily shares that she is embracing the fall season, and introduces the Episode 76 guest, Michael Stechschulte, who is the Editor-in-Chief of Detroit Catholic.

(4:13) Mike tells the story of his intellectual pursuit of faith in high school, and how certain people in his life provided a witness of faith that led him to encounter Jesus.

(13:50) Mike explains how he got into journalism and storytelling, and shares how he got hired for the Michigan Catholic newspaper ten years ago.

(18:40) Fr. Patrick asks Mike about how people have responding to his writing about our Catholic faith over the years. Mike shares one particular conversation with a stranger who emailed him about one of his columns.

(20:10) Emily invites Mike to share how storytelling has a unique power to share how the Holy Spirit is working in the Archdiocese of Detroit. Mike explains how his work at Detroit Catholic gives him a birds-eye view of all the different ways people live out their Catholic faith in southeast Michigan.

(24:00) Mike shares how it takes a lot of trust in the Holy Spirit that God will work through his storytelling work. Fr. Patrick connects it to scripture and reminds how important it is to reach out even to people who are not yet engaged with our parishes.

(28:28) Mike talks about one of his favorite books, ‘The Everlasting Man’ by GK Chesterton, and how it inspires his work today.

(32:00) Fr. Patrick asks Mike his dream for his work and his life. Mike answers by saying he wants to share all the gifts that he has received — both with the people of southeast Michigan through Detroit Catholic and with his new (first!) nephew. Mike and the hosts close in prayer.