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Show Notes

Sheila Breen joins Emily and Fr. Patrick to share her story of growth throughout her faith journey. She reflects on how her husband Deacon Breen’s illness set them on the path to opening themselves fully to God’s grace and taking up their cross as an offering in service to others as prayer warriors.

(0:50) Emily and Fr. Patrick share stories of gratitude to God in their praise reports.

(3:05) Emily introduces guest Sheila Breen, wife of the late Deacon Breen, and they discuss her daughters who work within the church and the fun she has spending time with her grandson, Xavier.

(6:50) Sheila takes listeners through the formation of her faith journey, highlighting a pivotal encounter with Jesus she experienced attending a women’s conference at Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH.

(11:40) Emily asks Sheila how she and her husband discerned his call to become a deacon together, and Sheila relates how they experienced God’s peace in this time of discernment and reflects on her role as a deacon’s wife.

(15:35) Fr. Patrick recalls the amazing man Deacon Breen was and invites Sheila to share their experience with his illness and her journey since his passing, which Sheila notes has been a time when she has witnessed God’s tremendous grace.

(26:20) Sheila shares how she and her husband began the practice of offering up their suffering throughout his illness for the prayer intentions of others and the impact this made in their lives as it kept their focus on the Lord and being prayer warriors for those in need.

(29:50) Discussing her role as a hospice nurse, Sheila reflects on the important part end of life healthcare workers play for both patients and families, including recently during COVID, and the opportunities they have to offer peace, comfort, and prayer to those who are close to meeting the Lord.

(34:05) Sheila and the hosts discuss finding God’s sacredness in everyday life, and Emily asks Sheila what her dream is as she moves into a new stage of her life, to which Sheila replies that she aims to dedicate herself to being a prayer warrior.

(39:50) Fr. Patrick relates Sheila’s testimony to scripture, and Sheila, Emily, and Fr. Patrick close with prayer.