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Show Notes

St. Aloysius Parish Engagement Coordinator Beth Allison shares her journey from interior design to ministry, and the universal connection of the Catholic faith she’s experienced as she’s travelled the world.

(0:42) Fr. Patrick and Emily catch up, and Fr. Patrick shares the joy he had of opening his parish as a coronavirus vaccine site. Emily mentions that her mom is in town, so she was able to share a bit of her new Detroit life with her family!

(3:21) Emily introduces our guest, Beth Allison, who is the engagement coordinator at St. Aloysius Parish in Detroit. Beth shares that she’d spent the morning in prayer reflecting on a prompt to say yes to the Holy Spirit, and mere minutes after her prayer time she received the invitation to join Open Door Policy tonight!

(5:54) Fr. Patrick asks about Beth’s previous career as an interior designer and the experience she had designing the Chancery for the Archdiocese of Detroit Central Services. They also reflect on her role in the Synod.

(7:29) Beth talks about what her life was like before dedicating herself to serving the Church, and how attending public high school with youth ministry and Bible study at St. Paul on the Lake helped her broaden her faith — and eventually take over as the youth minister! She also shares testimony of how intercessory prayer has helped her overcome anxiety and accompanied her on her walk with Jesus.

(13:54) Emily asks how Beth came to realize that God was calling her to a different purpose, and Beth reflects on the experience she’s had through travel and mission trips and how those helped her recognize her love of missionary work and working with young people.

(17:21) Beth shares the great gifts that young people bring to the Church as joyful missionary disciples. She talks about the importance of just loving young people, and giving them the space to ask questions and experience silence.

(19:49) Beth talks about all her travels and missionary work, and how the Catholic Church remains universal. She reflects on walking in the footsteps of the saints, either knowingly or unknowingly, and all the different aspects of the Church she’s seen that way.

(28:32) Emily asks about Beth’s work in her role as the Engagement Coordinator at St. Aloysius, a position that will be formed in all Families of Parishes moving forward. Beth discusses all that’s part of her job, especially giving tours of the church, which combines her love of design and love of ministry together.

(38:40) Beth shares a story of a time she shared something the Lord had put on her heart and it turned out to be exactly what her friend needed to hear, and the confidence it gave her in sharing what God is telling her.

(41:07) Fr. Patrick explains some of the prophetic nature of our lives as children of God, and Beth closes in a prayer.

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