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Show Notes

Chris Leach, Director of Evangelical Charity for the Archdiocese of Detroit, enters the studio to reflect on the ministry of healing and the role it has played in his missionary journey.

(0:16) Emily and Fr. Patrick catch up and share what they’ve been up to since our last episode. Emily shares that she’s visiting family in California and Fr. Patrick reminisces on his love for hot climates — in moderation.

(3:31) Emily introduces this episode’s guest, Chris Leach, Director of Evangelical Charity for the Archdiocese of Detroit, who recently got a puppy, lost over 185 pounds, and is studying at Encounter Ministries to help others on their path to healing.

(5:48) Chris discusses his Catholic upbringing and how he’s always known Jesus, sharing about a profound witness he experienced as a high schooler among many other teens and young adults who were so open to the movement of the Spirit in their lives.

(8:41) Chris talks about his first job in ministry as a Youth Minister at Our Lady of Good Counsel, the parish where he grew up! He also mentions volunteer experience he had through the archdiocese ministering to incarcerated youth, which he was able to do with his background in criminal justice.

(13:17) Chris shares his experience growing deeper in faith through healing ministry and reading Unbound: The Practical Guide to Deliverance. He shares how the book brought him to Encounter Ministries, a healing ministry he and Fr. Patrick are involved in.

(15:58) Fr. Patrick gives a bit of the scriptural background on what healing ministry is, and some of the key players in Encounter Ministries, like Dr. Mary Healy, Sacred Heart Major Seminary professor.

(21:15) Chris talks about the role of Unbound and those prayer steps in his weight loss journey and how they helped him reclaim his identity. He discusses a piece of Unbound theology that particularly moved him, and how that idea has helped him discover what graces he can give to others.

(27:36) Chris shares testimony about a physical healing he witnessed when a friend’s leg was lengthened by the Holy Spirit. He also reflects on another instance of physical healing that he experienced when he met Fr. Patrick Gonyeau at St. John Newman for the Michigan Catholic Young Adults Conference.

(33:39) Fr. Patrick shares his experience of the same physical healing, and asks Chris about his new position with the archdiocese. Chris talks about his new role as the Director of Evangelical Charity.

(39:39) Chris closes in a blessing.