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Show Notes

Fr. Mario Amore, pastor of St. Aloysius Parish in Detroit, talks about pastoring a downtown congregation, surprising generosity and old churches and their key rings.

Rapid Fire Questions and Discussion 1:21

Fr. Mario tells us about his family’s Italian Restaurant, a chapel in South Dakota and a recent musical “Journey”.

Testimony 9:46

Fr. Mario talks about being a new pastor and how he became aware of the St. Aloysius community years ago as a youth group prayer leader and musician. Danielle asks how he’s seeing God at work in downtown Detroit. Fr. Mario continues with his story of how he was told he was moving from Bloomfield Hills to downtown. Fr. Steve asks about Fr. Mario’s path to the priesthood and we learn that he applied and was accepted to the Seminary twice!

Unleashing the Gospel 24:21

Fr. Steve begins this segment asking about the shift from being an associate pastor to pastor. Danielle and Fr. Mario share key ring stories and Fr. Mario goes on to to talk about how God has called him to lend his gifts to the St. Al’s community and how they can unleash the gospel downtown. He talks about St. Al’s history as a service church and how grateful he is for his community’s generosity. Talking about the difference between large suburban parishes and downtown parishes leads to a discussion about resources and a commitment to Christian service.

Reflection 40:10

Fr. Mario gives downtown Detroit one more shout out, as he gives thanks for its peaceful neighborhood feeling and encourages everyone to experience it for themselves.

Episode Summary 42:59