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Show Notes

Suzanne and Al Croll, parishioners at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral and members of the Archdiocesan Chorus, join Danielle and Fr. Steve to talk about the importance of giving people hope, the power of invitation and singing for the Pope.

Rapid Fire Questions and Discussion 01:10

Al and Suzanne share their first jobs, breakfast favorites and singing at St. Peters in Rome.

Testimony 09:09

Al shares his conversion story, beginning with marriage prep classes and more than a little spiritual “peer pressure”. Danielle asks the couple about becoming members of the Archdiocesan Chorus. Suzanne tells a story of downsizing, buying a condo in mid-town Detroit and an old friend suggesting they audition for the Chorus. Al talks about the wonder of singing in the Palestrina Chapel, and Fr. Steve brings this segment to a close by asking our guests about their favorite aspects of being Catholic.

Unleashing the Gospel 20:09

Danielle begins by asking everyone about their connection to Blessed Sacrament Cathedral and the movement they’ve seen in this community. Fr. Steve talks about his time as the Archbishop’s secretary and how he was privileged to witness the Holy Spirit working through Archbishop Vigneron and watching the faithful rally around his leadership. Al talks about the beauty and majesty of the Cathedral as a profound experience for many and Suzanne expresses her excitement at the thought of the Gospel “breaking right out of that Bible!”

Reflection 30:02

Suzanne reminds us that it’s all in God’s hands and everything is going to be ok as they end this episode with a song of praise!

Episode Summary 32:00