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Show Notes

As a grape’s flavor is influenced by the soil in which it is grown, the early Church also grew to reflect the beauty of the communities in which it spread. In this month’s episode, our cohosts discuss this “exchange of gifts” between diverse expressions of faith in the Archdiocese of Detroit – including expressions related to ethnicity and culture as well as different liturgical rites. 

0:25 – Archbishop Vigneron and Mike Chamberland greet each other and welcome this month’s guest host, Vickie Figueroa, Director of Cultural Ministries and Coordinator of Black Catholic Ministries for the Archdiocese of Detroit. 

0:45 – Vickie introduces herself to our hosts and listeners. 

5:16 – Mike introduces this month’s topic: the “exchange of gifts” between diverse expressions of faith in the Archdiocese of Detroit – including expressions related to ethnicity/culture as well as different liturgical rites. He asks Archbishop Vigneron to share a little about the history of different liturgical expressions, particularly Eastern and Roman rites.  

9:29 – Archbishop Vigneron speaks about the Eastern parishes in southeast Michigan and their relationship to the Archdiocese of Detroit.  

13:58 – Archbishop Vigneron clarifies that Roman Catholics are permitted to attend Eastern Catholic liturgies—even to fulfill the Sunday obligation—and to confess to Eastern Catholic priests.  

14:46 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron to speak about the extraordinary form of the Roman Catholic Mass.  

18:32 – Vickie shares about the importance of cultural diversity within the Church and its influence on liturgical expression.  

22:09 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron and Vickie to share some of the efforts underway to strengthen the Church’s missionary presence in the Central Region of the Archdiocese, which includes Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park.  

29:47 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron to speak about the Mass of the Sacred Heart, a gospel music-based Mass setting that he commissioned a few years ago.  

32:25 – Vickie highlights some additional liturgical gifts that have been shared by the African American community.  

36:11 – Archbishop Vigneron and Vickie share concrete examples of when different cultures in the Archdiocese have influenced their own faith expressions. 

42:20 – Archbishop Vigneron answers listener questions about his home life growing up, etiquette for receiving the Holy Eucharist, and whether he would have believed and followed Jesus if he had met him on earth two thousand years ago. 

46:29 – Archbishop Vigneron shares his prayer intentions for the month and closes the episode with a prayer and blessing.