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Show Notes

We all know the joy of sharing good news with others. This month’s Eyes on Jesus is about the greatest joy of sharing the best news: the Good News of Christ our savior. There are truly no bystanders in this evangelizing mission, as Jesus tells all of us to “make disciples of all nations.” 

0:10 – Archbishop Vigneron and Mike Chamberland greet each other and welcome this month’s guest host, Father Mario Amore. All three catch up on the past month.  

1:22 – Mike asks Father Amore to introduce himself to listeners.  

2:59 –Archbishop Vigneron reflects on the recently-celebrated Easter Triduum and expresses his gratitude for the number of people entering the Church. 

5:28 – Mike introduces this month’s main topic: Evangelization. He asks Archbishop Vigneron and Father Amore to explain what evangelization is and why it’s important to the Church.  

8:54 – Archbishop Vigneron explains the roots of evangelization found in both Scripture and the traditions of the Church.  

10:45 – Mike asks both Archbishop Vigneron and Father Amore if they’ve seen a change in evangelization during their years of ministry, including how it functions and how they’ve approached this important work.  

15:11 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron to explain the term, “New Evangelization.”  

19:43 – Mike asks about the role and responsibility the laity have in the Church’s evangelization mission.  

28:52 – Archbishop Vigneron and Father Amore share some of the moments when others evangelized them.  

32:20 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron to share some of the Archdiocese of Detroit’s evangelization “wins” in the years since Synod 16. 

37:32 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron and Father Mario to speak about the National Eucharistic Revival and its evangelization role.  

42:34 – Archbishop answers listener questions, including why Catholics go to confession, meeting past and current popes, and where he sees God in every day life.  

47:41 – Archbishop shares his prayer intentions for the month and closes the episode with a blessing.