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Show Notes

For Episode 50, the Eyes on Jesus team welcomes Father Stephen Pullis to the studio for a discussion on “The Good News About God’s Plan,” Archbishop Vigneron’s latest pastoral letter on the challenges of gender identity – and the importance of approaching this topic with true compassion and assurances of God’s personal love for all people. 

0:10 – Archbishop Vigneron and Mike Chamberland greet each other and welcome this month’s special guest, Father Stephen Pullis, Director of Pastoral Formation at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.  

1:02 – Father Pullis introduces himself and previews this month’s main topic.  

1:41 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron and Father Pullis about their Lenten season thus far.  

4:34 – Mike more fully introduces this month’s main topic, Archbishop Vigneron’s new pastoral letter on the “good news of God’s plan” as it relates to gender identity and biological sex. He asks Father Pullis to speak a little about why he is particularly interested in this topic.  

 8:37 – Archbishop Vigneron speaks about the Gospel roots of his new pastoral letter. 

10:04 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron to share how Catholics should relate to people in their lives who experience gender confusion. 

11:11 – Father Pullis shares how the pastoral response, or the Catholic response, is rooted in our baptismal mission. 

12:07 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron why he chose to write this letter now.  

13:53 – Father Pullis expands on the need for this letter at this time. 

15:07 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron and Father Pullis to explain the “dualist” vision of the human person, which incorrectly divides body and soul and reinforces the idea that our sex and gender are not an integral, unchangeable parts of who we are. 

24:14 – Archbishop Vigneron identifies the intended audience of this pastoral letter and then introduces the two policies for parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit that were released in connection with the letter. 

31:15 – Archbishop Vigneron and Father Pullis describe how parish and school staff should go about implementing the teachings of the letter and requirements of the policies, always with true compassion and assurances of God’s personal love for all people. 

33:40 – Father Pullis and Archbishop Vigneron share some resources to help priests, deacons, and parish and school staff put the letter and policies into practice.  

40:03 – Archbishop Vigneron answers listener questions about his faith, his favorite food, and his advice for teenagers trying to live a Catholic life amid the struggles of modern society.  

44:54 – Archbishop Vigneron shares his prayer intentions for the month and closes the episode with a prayer and blessing.