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Show Notes

0:10 – Mike begins by asking Archbishop Vigneron about his recent retreat and how he goes about spending time alone with God. Mary continues by asking about the “different reality” faced this year by our Catholic School teachers and students. Mike asks about the two recent feast days to Mary, The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin and the celebration of the Holy Name of Mary.

The conversation pivots to the recent situation with the wording of the Baptism ceremony, and its effect on the lives of a diocesan priest and members of the faithful. The Archbishop talks about the great injustice of the situation and how the Archdiocese needs to do whatever it can correct it.

09:29 – Archbishop Vigneron explains how the Sacraments are specific rituals instituted by Christ that “accomplish what they express”. Mary mentions her wonder at how God has entrusted humankind with these Sacraments in spite of our ability to mess things up.

Archbishop Vigneron talks about the incomparable generosity of God and the “ecology of the entrustment of these great divine realities to us frail human beings.” Mike asks about the purpose of the Sacraments and Mary continues by asking how we can allow the Sacraments to move us to a place of evangelization and understanding of our role in the Kingdom of God.

The Archbishop closes this segment by suggesting that we can take a kind of “confident humility” that Christ is in our midst in spite of our limitations and that the true power of the sacraments is not dependent on the minister.

40:34 – The questions segment includes an inquiry into the role of college students in the life of the Church, Archbishop Vigneron’s favorite religious and non-religious movies, how does one know if God has placed something on their heart and finally, how does the Archbishop deal with the pressures of his office.

54:04 – Archbishop Vigneron asks for prayer for teachers and students not only in Catholic schools, but in all schools, and that this year will be a blessing to all.

55:21 – The Archbishop gives his blessing.