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Show Notes

0:10 –  Mike begins by asking Archbishop Vigneron about his summer vacation activities. Mary asks about the ongoing implementation of Families of Parishes. The Archbishops talks about how we’re moving forward based on the work of the Synod and encourages all of us to “get out of the boat” and trust Jesus and the workings of the Holy Spirit.

Mike asks about Archbishop Vigneron’s 24th anniversary of his ordination as an auxiliary bishop and what surprises he experienced becoming a bishop. He mentions how being a native son of SE Michigan has helped him in his ministry.

11:40 – Mary kicks off this segment by asking about the multiple uncertainties we’re all experiencing and the Archbishop’s statement that this is God’s appointed time and we are his people. The conversation continues talking about the differences between optimism and hope.

Archbishop Vigneron talks about how his belief in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead gives him the the strength to let God be God and simply be “a part of his project.” Mike asks the Archbishop to elaborate on how hope is tied to the other theological virtues of faith and love.
Mary wonders what we should hope for as Catholic Christians. The Archbishop counsels that we will have tough times and that God will use these challenges to get us ready for an “eternity of bliss with him.”

Mary asks for guidance for families returning to Sunday mass. The Archbishop suggests that, as stated in the parable, Jesus is disappointed if we don’t show up for his banquet.

The conversation moves to a discussion of Unleash the Gospel and the progression of “encounter, grow and witness”. She asks how we can witness hope to others in these challenging times. The Archbishop responds by giving an example of witnessing in “concentric circles’ to our immediate family, our friends and the world at large.

The Archbishop ends this segment by asking the faithful to express appreciation to their priests for all the extraordinary things they are doing to give pastoral care in this very unusual time.

47:25 – Collected from all over the Archdiocese, this month’s questions include wondering about the Church’s take on tattoos, how to deal with the challenges facing faith formation leaders as our children return to school in the midst of the pandemic, suggestions for teaching the faith to preschool age children and how can we insure hospitalized and hospice patients have access to the Sacrament of the Sick.

01:08:52 – The Archbishop asks that we pray for prudence and that God will give us good judgement as we move forward with forming our parishes into families.

01:09:03 – The Archbishop offers a prayer and gives his blessing.