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Show Notes

0:40 – After expressing their collective weariness of the pandemic and all that it involves, Mary asks Archbishop Vigneron about his celebration of All Saints and All Souls Day. The Archbishop talks about the special Covid Mass he offered for those who lost their lives because of the virus.

05:02 – This segment begins with Mary stating the focus of this podcast, the Church encouraging members of the faithful, when at all possible, to return to Mass and the general dispensation that is currently in effect. The Archbishop states that as long as we are able, we should attend Mass. This leads to a discussion of the extra measures clergy, church staff and volunteers have taken on to insure the safety of their congregations and the success parishes are having bringing the faithful back.

As the talk turns to the Eucharist and how, by following the direction of the parishes, we show how much fraternal love we have for each other. Mary pivots the conversation to the importance of actually participating in the Eucharist as opposed to a virtual expression.

The Archbishop reminds us that the Holy Eucharist is an action, “something Jesus does”. He encourages us to honor that action by active participation. He tell us that, “the heart of a Christian longs to be united with Jesus in praising the Father”, and that our longing to be in His presence is another way of worshipping God.

In this upcoming Advent season, the Archbishop reminds us that God has always kept His promises and that even in this 2020 Advent season, God will continue to be with us.

44:07 – The Archbishop asks us to lift up our brothers and sisters faced with challenging health issues in this Covid time.

45:04 – The Archbishop gives his blessing.