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Show Notes

Archbishop Vigneron discusses the newly announced Families of Parishes plan for the Archdiocese of Detroit — how it was developed and how it will be implemented to benefit our shared mission.

Tune in every month as Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron shares his vision for the missionary transformation of the Church in Southeast Michigan and talks about the early fruits of our movement to Unleash the Gospel.

Archbishop Vigneron is joined by hosts Mary Wilkerson, parishioner at St. Michael the Archangel in Livonia and Michael Chamberland, parishioner at Our Lady of Sorrows in Farmington Hills. The name of the podcast , Eyes on Jesus, comes from the Archbishop’s apostolic motto, ASPICIENTES IN IESUM.

Introduction 0:18

Archbishop Vigneron begins by invoking Blessed Solanus Casey’s admonition to thank God in advance for all the good He’s going to bring out of this pandemic. Mike asks about the upcoming priest and deacon ordinations and the unique format they will take this year. The discussion pivots to the situation going on in our nation and our city with the protests and unrest. The Archbishop acknowledges the great hurt shared by George Floyd’s family, their community and African Americans in general. Mary brings up the process of reopening our churches, how it’s being monitored and how the Archbishop came to the decision to resume public masses.

Families of Parishes 15:56

Archbishop Vigneron explains the newly announced Family of Parishes plan, how it was developed and how it will begin to be implemented. Mary asks how FOP will differ from previous merging and clustering of parishes. The Archbishop goes on to explain how we must remain a missionary church in spite of fewer available resources. Mike wonders about the effect on parish culture and the Archbishop reminds us that even the Apostles and St. Paul had their plans changed and how God was able to do a great work through them as they adapted. Archbishop Vigneron asks us to remain in prayer so that the Kingdom of God can grow, “from Jerusalem, to Judea, to Southeast Michigan.”

Questions from the Faithful 43:04

Collected from all over the Archdiocese of Detroit, this episode includes questions about the current Mass restrictions, masks, social distancing, etc., what the Church has to offer African Americans and how it can help that community, and how the laity can support the transition to Families of Parishes.

Reflection and Prayer Requests 50:47

Archbishop Vigneron asks us to pray that we remain faithful to the inspiration of the Synod and for the implementation of Families of Parishes.

Archbishop’s Blessing 51:20