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Show Notes

Amid the civil unrest traversing the nation in the wake of racial violence in Minnesota, Archbishop Vigneron is joined for this special episode by guest host Fr. John McKenzie. They examine the sin of racism and how Catholics are called to respond.

Archbishop Vigneron is joined by our regular host Mary Wilkerson, parishioner at St. Michael the Archangel in Livonia and our guest host, Fr. John McKenzie, Associate Pastor at Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak. The name of the podcast, Eyes On Jesus, comes from the Archbishop’s apostolic motto, ASPICIENTES IN IESUM.

Description 0:10

After greeting Archbishop Vigneron and introducing Fr. John McKenzie, our guest host, Mary Wilkerson begins the conversation talking about the Archbishop’s recent message to the faithful on racial injustice in our society. Archbishop Vigneron talks about the Church’s teaching on racism and how it hurts the dignity of the individual and their community.

The Archbishop ask Fr. John about the usefulness and importance of expressing solidarity coupled with a commitment to change and then asks Mary, as a mother of mixed race children, what her hopes and fears are for them as members of the Church.

The discussion continues by touching on the Archdiocese of Detroit’s history with racial attitudes, Fr. John mentions the Mass For Pardon and how much it meant to him that the sin of racism was included. Mary asks about raising her children to acknowledge culturally where things once were, while celebrating how far we’ve come. The Archbishop suggests giving thanks to God for instilling in a culture “an unquenchable thirst for freedom”.

Talk turns to the USCCB’s position on racism, Mary asks how the lay faithful can begin rooting out the sin of racism from our hearts and our communities. Fr. John talks about his time in Seminary and his experiences with cultural touchstones like food and music as a seminarian. Mary closes with an expression of hope and a belief that the Holy Spirit will touch us even in these difficult times.

Closing Prayer and Blessing 01:02:01