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Show Notes

(01:33) Rakhi and Nicole have a nostalgic conversation about boy bands and open up with some fun trivia related to the Blessed Mother. They talk about how May can be a really busy season for families between the various life events that tend to happen this time of the year.

(07:01)  Rakhi shares a bit about her own personal devotion to Mary. Nicole shares how her relationship with Our Lady developed when she was pregnant with her oldest son. They discuss how they can identify with the human, maternal feelings that Mary must have experienced. 

(13:21) They identify three ways that people connect with Mary — Scripture and meditation, the rosary, and a Marian consecration — and begin to unpack each of them for families and parents.

(14:15) They talk about reflecting on Mary’s experience as a family, by inviting their children to think about how the holy family lived life day-to-day. They also share about leading their older children through lectio divinia with different Marian Scripture passages. 

(18:53) They talk about how the various Marian apparitions that have taken place reveal Mary as a mother to the whole world. 

(20:50) Nicole shares about her experience of praying the rosary with her family during Lent and offers some practical tips on how to introduce this practice to a family with little ones. 

(24:53) They talk about the consecration to Our Lady and share why some might have reservations about taking this jump. They highlight the Marian Consecration for Families by Colleen Pressprich as a great resource to use for those families feeling called to a Marian consecration.

(28:05) They offer encouragement to listeners to try a new Marian devotion during the month of May. They invite them to pray with their families in a way that honors Mary, whether it’s using Scripture and meditation, the rosary, or a Marian consecration. 

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