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Show Notes

(00:46) Rakhi and Nicole start by wishing each other a happy Mother’s Day and sharing what they love about this holiday. They talk about the wisdom and care of grandmothers, in addition to mothers. 

(06:33) They share about their mothers and grandmothers, highlighting especially the role of grandmothers and older women. They emphasize the importance of an intergenerational presence in their kids’ lives. Nicole offers a word of thanks and encouragement to all grandparents listening. They also offer a word of encouragement to those parents whose adult children no longer practice the faith. 

(10:52) They discuss how grandparents, in addition to parents, display an image of God to their grandchildren, especially if they are sharing the faith with them. They describe their personal experiences with this. They thank the grandparents who have been helpful, loving, and supportive to families who bring their little ones to Mass. 

(16:28) They talk about the impact of people who live out the faith, highlighting the fact that faith isn’t always shared intellectually, but requires personal witness. 

(17:24) They return to the Gospel message for the weekend, emphasizing that Jesus won’t leave us alone or leave us orphaned. They share how consoling this message can be, especially when the journey of parenthood begins to feel lonely. They discuss the importance of traditions for their families and the link between family traditions and rituals and the sacramental life. 

(20:26) They offer a challenge to families listening to take a moment to thank a grandmother or important women in their lives, pray for a grandmother who has died, or ask for the prayers of a deceased grandmother.

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