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Show Notes

(00:15) Nicole shares that she is feeling the sorrow of moving past Christmas time. And Rakhi mentions the transition of going back to school and returning to work for her family. Nicole shares the poem The Work of Christmas Begins: A Poem by Howard Thurman. Rakhi explains, “The work of Christmas is to continue to proclaim Jesus in the dark corners of humanity, in the darkness of our own homes, everywhere in need of redemption even. And maybe especially in our own hearts.” They talk about how Christmastime should propel our families into ordinary time with new graces and joy. 

(08:42) Addressing issues of injustice with our children: Nicole shares a story of her son facing racism in his school and how she as a mother walked with her son through that experience. Together, the two mothers discuss the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and how they feel his life can help their children understand justice. 

(17:12) As we approach MLK day, the hosts address the question “What are some practical ways we can celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?” Practical advice, and a prayerful posture are mentioned, with some personal experiences shared as well. Prayer, small acts of service, knowing your neighborhood, and other ideas are discussed. 

(24:11) “What is it that you can do to start serving justice? To start being justice and witnesses to the justice God calls us to?” Rakhi shares, “I think it’s okay to be uncomfortable. Yes. Because that’s the Spirit. The Spirit is working in that discomfort in stretching us and growing us.” They talk about the work of justice drawing us into the mystery of the Gospel and is valuable for our children.