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Show Notes

(00:41) Nicole and Rakhi talk about how they struggle with memorizing Scripture and Rakhi shares a bit about her husband’s love for Scripture. 

(02:50) Nicole shares why Pope Francis dedicated the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time to the Word of God. Rakhi shares her experience of reading the Bible in a Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz and Nicole shares her experience of reading through Meg Hunter Killmer’s A Year in the Word Catholic Bible Journal, and the Unleash the Gospel Scripture Challenge. The two discuss the increased focus on Scripture among Catholics in recent years.

(07:33) Nicole and Rakhi talk candidly about how they can realistically incorporate reading Scripture in their homes. Rakhi shares how she would incorporate a Scripture focus for the week for her family by using 52 Sundays. They talk about the power of stories and making Scripture stories accessible to their kids.  

(12:12) Nicole shares how her family collects and leaves Bible stories for kids around the house and describes a moment when she saw her son learn from these stories, without her explicitly teaching him. Rakhi shares how the example of her husband has inspired a love for Scripture among her children. They talk about various age-appropriate Bible resources and translations.

(17:37) Rakhi shares how Scripture is transformative because it is an encounter with Jesus.

(18:57) Nicole offers encouragement to families who are not sure where to start incorporating Scripture into their lives. She invites them to use 52 Sundays as a free weekly resource to easily access and share the Sunday Mass readings with their families. She shares how she and her family prepare for Mass by reading the readings in advance.

(20:39) Rakhi shares how she uses 52 Sundays, and also mentions how the series, The Chosen, has brought Scripture to life for her family. She also discusses various ways to access Scripture besides reading, including journaling and drawing. 

This episode of Beyond Sunday is sponsored by SaintSprouts. SaintSprouts creates fun, engaging illustrations to inspire children of all ages to encounter Jesus and the beauty of the Catholic faith! Learn more and shop at saintsprouts.com.