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Show Notes

In this bonus episode, hear from some of our guests from our most recent Open Door Policy season, as they share about their experiences of Confession, how they handle the nerves that can accompany seeking the sacrament, and their desire to share the goodness of it with others. In this episode, you’ll hear great anecdotes from our guests and our co-hosts, Emily Mentock and Fr. Patrick Gonyeau, as they discuss the role of Confession in their lives!

(00:16) We introduce this mini-sode’s topic of Confession, by identifying the variety of responses we may have when it comes to the sacrament.

(02:03 ) Fr. Jake VanAssche shares about turning to the Lord in prayer during a suspension from school during high school, as he sought to find a place to respond. He shares how this one prayer began to change many things, but that he experienced a distinct call to go to Confession.

(07:14) Next, we hear from Anna Picasso, a FOCUS missionary who experienced a conversion moment during her time in college, and a guest from our most recent season of Open Door Policy. Anna shares about returning to Confession as a pivotal moment in her life.

(11:53) Prompted by a question asked by Fr. Patrick, Anna offers some advice to those who may be fearful of going to Confession. Anna responds by sharing her experience of accompanying a young woman from a Bible study she led to Confession.

(14:16) Emily responds to Anna’s witness by affirming Anna’s ability to journey with a person who’s nervous about going to Confession and goes on to share that even in spite of the nerves, God never, ever holds his grace back from us. Emily shares that when she is feeling anxious to the point of not wanting to go, she begs for the grace to return to Confession, and to return to the mercy promised there.

(15:43) Reflecting on the goodness of the gift of Confession, we turn to Eileen Newell, who desires that this gift would be known and experienced by all.

(17:30) Fr. Patrick responds to this passion for Confession felt by Eileen by sharing that he believes Confession brings out the best in a priest. He shares that it’s a “tenderizer” of the heart of the priest and prays that priests and lay people, alike, may be transformed by the sacrament.

(19:01 -19:59) We conclude by highlighting the fact that being a joyful missionary disciple always begins with an encounter with Jesus, but is a life marked by encounter after encounter with him, and inviting listeners to visit confessionsfinder.org to locate a convenient time and place for Confession.