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Show Notes

In this Open Door Policy mini-sode, we revisit some of the conversations with two of our guests who recognize and celebrate the importance of their grandparents on their paths to becoming joyful missionary disciples. Take a listen!

(00:00 – 02:10) We introduce this episode’s topic, by highlighting the importance of grandparents in the life of Jesus and in the lives of the faithful. We introduce Kate Bryan, who shares her desire to be a joyful witness to the Gospel, by sharing her grandfather’s challenge to her: to be a strong witness.

(02:11 – 04:48) We reflect on how our connectedness with our grandparents helps us understand that we represent our families of origin and our family of faith and note how our grandparents’ experiences of life across generations contain a unique wisdom. Former guest, Eileen Newell shares how her relationship with her Irish grandmother strengthened her faith.

(04:49 – 05:56) Calling back to the examples of Sts. Anne and Joachim, we invite all grandparents listening to remember their importance, authority, and unique role in sharing the faith. We also invite listeners to reach out to their grandparents and celebrate the connectedness of family.