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Show Notes

(00:03) Our hosts, Nicole Joyce and Rakhi McCormick both introduce themselves, and, with the new year planning in mind, share some fun facts about new year’s resolutions and planners. They share some of their own experiences in balancing their families’ schedules, keeping track of the liturgical seasons, and finding time for silence. 

(06:30) Nicole and Rakhi acknowledge the January 1 Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God and talk about plans for the season that didn’t come to fruition. They discuss the post-holiday letdown, that also gets mixed with anticipation for the new year. 

(10:11) Rakhi shares a story about briefly losing track of one of her kids while doing some back to school shopping. She reflects on her gratitude for the story of Mary and Joseph losing track of Jesus and finding him in the Temple, because the realness and humanity of Mary displayed in that anecdote. 

(13:05) Nicole highlights how, like Mary, we have to surrender to God’s plan, while knowing that his plan might not play out the way we want it to. They discuss how difficult it can be to surrender when we want to plan and control our lives, and how difficult it can be to acknowledge that God has a unique plan for each of our children. 

(15:38) They discuss the human realities of parenting and how our worth as parents isn’t reflected by our kids’ successes or failures. They talk about how social media can add pressure to parenting, especially as a Catholic mom yet, how when we show up and give what we have, we can trust that God will use that. 

(19:44) Rakhi highlights how at every stage of life and parenting, we will struggle and looks to Mary as a source of consolation in that struggle. They discuss how important community is and how we don’t have to figure everything out on our own; we can look to others for guidance and support. 

(21:25) Nicole leaves the final thought and encouragement to listeners to consider what God might be asking their Fiat or Magnificat to be in the new year. She and Rakhi discuss how this might look like being more flexible with plans or committing to less activity and being more intentional. 

(23:12) Rakhi thanks listeners for joining and offers listeners encouragement.