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Show Notes

(01:17) Nicole and Rakhi talk about how the start of the year has been going and how quickly Lent is approaching. They talk about Ash Wednesday, why it seems to draw in so many Catholics (despite not being a holy day of obligation), and why Catholics love sacramentals. 

(05:44) Rakhi comments on how Ash Wednesday might be a sign of connection with the faith, even for fallen away Catholics. She also poses the question, do you leave your ashes on or wipe them off? Nicole and Rakhi discuss their responses to the question and how they talk about wearing ashes to their kids. 

(10:42) Nicole highlights the penitential themes of Lent and the invitation to better love people we don’t like. Rakhi shares how the Lord has been calling her to better love people that she doesn’t agree with and unpacks the reality that we don’t have to agree with people to love them. She also notes that there’s a distinction between being aggravated by a person’s behavior, versus the person themself. She and Nicole discuss distinguishing between a person’s actions and their identity — as a beloved daughter of son of God — when it comes to choosing to love others.

(14:22) Rakhi shares an anecdote about a mother who radically responded to the call to love her enemies, after her son was tragically kidnapped and murdered. They discuss good and natural reactions to injustice, like anger, and how to love authentically through anger and difficulties, especially in their approaches to raising their children. 

(20:45) Nicole and Rakhi share firsthand experiences of how they have been able to love their children in and through difficult moments.

(25:00) They discuss the closeness of God and acknowledging the love that he has for every person, even the people who have hurt us the most. They highlight how there are some relationships which will never be fully restored, but that we can release ourselves from resentment, as Jesus did by praying for his enemies from the cross. 

(26:56) They close the episode by encouraging families to intentionally pray for those who have hurt or offended them. 

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