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Show Notes

(01:03) Rakhi and Nicole have some fun opening up the episode with some rapid fire questions about parenting toddlers. They discuss how intense the toddler years can feel and the hope of knowing the toddler season won’t last forever. They start to discuss how they try to make Christianity make sense for their little ones.

(08:37) They share from their own experiences some favorite moments with their children during Lent. Nicole shares an experience when a parishioner seemed to disapprove of her bringing her children to a Good Friday service. They discuss the importance and the responsibility parents have to bring our children to church.

(16:48) Our hosts discuss the impulse to protect our children from the harder truths of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection, but highlight the reality that children will know the reality of suffering and how the Lenten season can help them understand what to do with that suffering. 

(17:11) They unpack different ways they can bring their children, at various ages, into practically entering into Lent through things like fasting from dessert or video games, participating in Operation Rice Bowl with Catholic Relief Services, or learning new prayers as a family. They share different resources they use including 52 Sundays, Saints Around the World by Meg Hunter-Kilmer, and the OSV Kids Stations of the Cross by Colleen Presprich.

(22:57) Nicole and Rakhi share how they cultivate fasting and almsgiving among their little ones, sharing what’s worked for them and their children. 

(25:26) They encourage listeners to identify what they want to try this Lent with their little ones, and live Lent right now, authentically. 

This episode of Beyond Sunday is sponsored by OSV Catholic Bookstore, publisher of Marian Consecration for Families with Young Children. Lead your family to Jesus through Mary, with this book by Detroit local, Colleen Pressprich, and grow in your devotion to Our Lady. Use code “52SUN” for 20% off your purchase of this beautiful Marian resource.