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Show Notes

(02:20) Rakhi and Nicole lightheartedly commiserate about their children not being able to find things or not putting their things where they belong. 

(05:51) Rakhi describes her craft area and draws a connection between the messiness of that to the spiritual life, full of snippets and soundbites of prayer, in the midst of the busyness of day-to-day life. 

(06:41) They discuss the reality of looking ahead to different things: spring break, summer camp, repairs that can’t happen in the winter, summer in general, and the Lenten reality of looking forward to Easter. With that in mind they highlight how we can enter into the penitential season of Lent that does remain through prayer, fasting, and giving alms. 

(10:24) They highlight, as they have previously, that we can be praying or entering into penance in the midst of daily tasks and it still be meaningful. They share why they appreciate visual reminders to guide them into prayer throughout their day. 

(14:40) They talk about the power of going to Confession during Lent. They share some of their experiences of asking for forgiveness from their children when necessary, and how that reconciliation with their children can model the beauty of going to the Lord with sins and asking for his mercy and help. 

(16:24) They discuss this Sunday’s Gospel reading about the man born blind and how his story can inspire us to go to Jesus with our own brokenness and let him meet us in it. They talk about being honest about our own brokenness and need for Jesus, and how doing so can bring God glory, as Jesus steps into it to make us whole. They share from their own experiences of doing this in their own lives. 

(20:25) They highlight how Unleash the Gospel calls all of us to bear witness to Christ’s goodness in our lives, by sharing what he has done in our lives. They share how transformation in Christ allows us and others to be made new and leave behind our old selves and highlight how this transformation theme remains throughout Lent. 

(23:13) They close this episode by encouraging listeners to take a moment to ask God where he wants their focus to be this week. 

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