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Show Notes

Marquette Method instructor Laura Sparling discusses her journey to joyful missionary discipleship and how she witnesses God changing lives through NFP.

(0:18) Emily and Fr. Patrick catch up and talk about the beauty of Michigan water and some of our Archdiocese of Detroit parishes that sit right on the waterfront.

(3:27) Emily introduces this episode’s guest, Laura Sparling, who is a mother of five, an oldies music lover, and married to an American hero. Laura talks more about her family and her husband’s heroism. She also talks a bit about her nursing background and career before teaching NFP.

(6:54) Laura shares about her religious upbringing in the Methodist Church and how her college experiences led her to really seek God and how she eventually came to RCIA. She especially discusses what it was like going through the RCIA process with her husband and the role her father played in her conversion.

(12:48) Laura discusses how she got involved with Natural Family Planning, what led her to the Marquette Method, and how she became an instructor. She talks about what it was like to learn about NFP as a nurse and coming from a natural place of awe and wonder at the humanity God creates.

(20:39) Emily asks about Laura’s experience sharing NFP with other women and couples, and Laura shares that it has given her a beautiful opportunity to use her nursing degree, especially through the ability to bring God’s design for marriage to new people.

(26:50) Fr. Patrick asks about the Marquette Method of NFP specifically, and Laura briefly explains what it is and how it compares with other methods.

(33:29) Laura shares her dream, which is to keep raising her big family — and maybe welcome more! She hopes that her children will all know the faith well and know and share who they are in Christ. She shares how people can learn more about the Marquette Method and gives advice to men or women who haven’t ever been involved with NFP.

(38:28) Emily and Fr. Patrick close in prayer.

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