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Show Notes

Nicholas Kristock, Executive Director of “Fleece and Thank You” and pro soccer player, joins Fr. Steve and Danielle to talk about his journey to Australia to play soccer and how that led to his charity work with children.

Rapid Fire Questions and Discussion 0:12

Nick shares his Australia experiences and a favorite smoothie recipe.

Testimony 8:00

In segment two, Nick explains how his cerebral approach to scripture and the consistency of message from passage to passage, led him closer to God. Danielle asks about Nick’s challenging work with hospitalized children and Fr. Steve mentions how when we are outside our comfort zone, God can help us to grow and prepare us for what is in store.

Unleashing the Gospel 18:26

Danielle begins by asking about how children can impact our faith and Nick tells a story about making a wish come true. Fr. Steve reminds us that we are all children of our Father in Heaven. Pivoting to sports, Nick shares how he cannot get enough of being on a team and the joy that comes from being with others working toward a greater goal. Danielle asks about the crossover between physical work and spiritual work and Fr. Steve goes on to talk about studying scripture as learning God’s language.

Reflection 33:03

Nick shares that a grateful heart is a full heart. He suggests we try concentrating on the things we are grateful for and promises that we’ll feel better.

Episode Summary 34:48