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Show Notes

Curtis Simpson, Christian Service Coordinator at Corpus Christi Parish, reflects on catching the Holy Spirit, how he uses Christian Service as a vehicle for evangelization, and if coincidences exist (or not).

(1:51) Curtis introduces himself and gives an overview of his role as Christian Service Coordinator at Corpus Christi Parish in Detroit. He shares his New Years’ resolution, discusses his confirmation saint, St. John the Baptist, and mentions the great influence of Fr. Don Archambault in his walk with Christ.

(4:13) Curtis describes what life has been like as a joyful missionary disciple, especially as a Christian Service Coordinator during the pandemic, and how helping others and serving others is the best way to live out Jesus’s call for us.

(8:29) Curtis shares his experience of growing up as a young Black Catholic man in Detroit, and how the expectations of his neighbors and the influence of Fr. Don Archambault led him to a greater conversion to Christ. He mentions, too, a powerful experience of “catching the Holy Spirit” as a teenager.

(17:13) Curtis reflects on how he began living his life differently after that encounter and how his relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit had to mature. He describes learning to be still and listen for the Lord, having to examine what his faith meant to him as a young adult, and his eventual leap of faith in accepting the Christian Service position at Corpus Christi.

(24:21) Considering what it is that inspires him in his faith and journey, Curtis shares his love of serving those who come to the parish, because they think they’re coming for tangible help, but they’re really about to experience Jesus. He also shares certain scripture passages that particularly move and inspire him.

(29:55) Are there coincidences? Curtis reflects on how we can confuse the movement of the Holy Spirit as mere coincidences, and times when he has seen that movement in action. He shares three key ways to recognize the Holy Spirit: be comfortable being uncomfortable, know and play your specific role, and be open to the Spirit in everyday moments.

(38:25) Curtis shares a challenge his faith faced for a time, and how he was able to overcome that challenge, recognize the enemy trying to prevail, and turn back and recommit to the Lord. He stresses the importance of leaning on others in times of difficulty, and how this will help defeat the evil one.

(43:23) Emily asks how Curtis was able to reignite his faith, and he answers with advice a fellow Corpus Christi parishioner had once given him: keep moving. He affirms the reminder that we are not alone, we have Jesus and each other, and we need to keep moving forward in our faith.

(53:40) Fr. Patrick and Curtis close in prayer.