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Show Notes

From a teenager embedded in the party scene of Southwest Detroit to a young adult minister with Jornadas — and with a vision of the Blessed Mother along the way — Ricardo Hernandez shares the journey of realizing God’s endless love.

(0:47) Ricardo discusses his current experiences living as a joyful missionary disciple, his work at the Basilica of Ste. Anne with Jornadas and Corazon Puro young adult ministries, and his podcast, Cafe con los Santos.

(7:49) Ricardo reflects on what his life was like before his encounter with Jesus and the journey that brought him to belief in Jesus.

(15:59) While Cru got him in the door, Ricardo considers the one thing that was missing was the Catholic truth of forgiveness and salvation. He discusses the power of prayer and how his prayer routines have changed throughout the pandemic.

(24:08) Fr. Patrick asks Ricardo about a stumble on his faith journey, and Ricardo talks about his experiences with mental unwellness and how his faith is what allowed him to fully recover from his challenges.

(30:41) Ricardo considers how his ministry was affected by his having COVID, and he reflects on the patience God has asked him to have and the new ways Ricardo has been called to serve.

(36:32) Ricardo shares a powerful testimony about a vision of the Blessed Mother he had on a silent retreat with Corazon Puro and the imagery she presented him.

(43:06) Emily asks Ricardo for some final thoughts, and he reassures listeners about Jesus’s unending love for us, and the amazing possibilities for life and happiness that are available to us through faith in Jesus.

(46:41) Ricardo offers a final prayer over the podcast and listeners!