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Discerning God’s Will | WHY

December 4, 2020

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God has a plan for your life — but how do you figure it out? Fr. Dave Tomaszycki explains how to discern God’s will. Watch now!


In the end, we’re trying to find God’s will. Okay, well… what’s God’s will? So it’s about building up a prayer life, getting to know the Lord. Honestly, a huge part of discernment is just praying in front of the Lord, in front of his presence. My hero, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, he did a holy hour, so a whole hour of prayer everyday in front of the Lord. He was a priest for 60 years before he died. He would’ve spent almost 22,000 hours with the Lord. How well would he know the Lord? How well would he know the Lord’s will for him? As far as how long to discern, that depends. Honestly, you’re waiting on God. You’re waiting on God. His time is not our time. And I recently read, “God is a lover, not a train.” ‘Cause often what we’ll do is like, ” Okay. C’mon God. Tell me, God. Where are you, God? Let’s go, God!” If you ever waited for a train, it’s the same thing you do. “Where is the train? Where do we go? Okay, what time is it?” God’s a lover, not a train. He operates on a different time. He waits until we are ready. We will think we’re ready, but we’re not. But he waits.

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