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St. Joseph Novena for Families

The St. Joseph Novena for Families will help families grow closer to God and one another. It’s a perfect opportunity to strengthen the domestic Church in this year of St. Joseph.

Sunday, June 20 (Fathers’ Day) – Monday, June 28

All are invited to participate in a special novena for families that calls on the intercession of St. Joseph. For nine consecutive days, you will receive a prayer prompt that reflects on different titles of St. Joseph. There is also a space to include any specific intentions for your family. The goal of this novena is to help the domestic Church flourish through families praying to grow closer to God and one another. 

Just as we call on our friends, family, and church community to pray for us here on earth, we also call on the communion of saints to bring our intentions to the Lord. This year has been designated the Year of St. Joseph by Pope Francis. This novena provides us an opportunity to ask him to pray for our specific intentions, our universal needs as families, and our desire to grow in holiness.

To sign up, fill out the form below. Sign up via email and receive one PDF with the full nine days’ reflections and consecration, or include your phone number to have the daily novena prayers texted to you, starting on June 20.

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