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Show Notes

In this first episode of Men of the Hearts, hosts Fr. Craig Giera, Director of Priestly Vocations, and Fr. David Pellican, Associate Pastor at Divine Child Parish, introduce themselves, their vocation stories, and what to expect in the future of the podcast.

(0:05) Fr. Craig and Fr. David introduce themselves, their lives as priests so far, and talk a little bit about their life as housemates in the same rectory as well.

(3:31) Fr. David shares a little bit more about his background, his family, and what it was like growing up with seven sisters. Fr. Craig talks about his school years, as well, and how his journey to the priesthood differed from Fr. David’s.

(7:39) Fr. Craig introduces the inspiration for the podcast, as well as the Office of Priestly Vocations’ new visual identity. He and Fr. David then discuss the relationship between the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and how they work together to inspire priestly vocations in young men.

(16:12) Fr. David shares his vocation story, discussing when he first felt called and how that evolved over time into God’s invitation to “try it out”.

(23:40) Fr. Craig reflects on his vocation story as well, sharing how God spoke to him through beauty and art, and the importance of silence in hearing his voice.

(29:35) Fr. David and Fr. Craig discuss God’s infinite love as a gift, not something that we can merit or earn, and that God can take any individual and create great things, as long as we are open to him.

(34:16) Fr. Craig and Fr. David reflect on the adventure that is a life of following God, and Fr. Craig gives an overview of what to expect from Men of the Hearts moving forward.