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Show Notes

Beth and Fr. Steve discuss why prayer is important in the lives of parish leaders, common challenges of prayer life, and their personal prayer routines.

(0:00) Fr. Steve and Beth discuss the change in seasons, how October is the best month to live in Michigan, and Halloween traditions.

(8:00) The episode theme of ‘prayer’ is introduced. Fr. Steve and Beth share their personal prayer routines.

(12:16) Fr. Steve explains that the best and simplest definition of prayer “lifting mind and heart to the Lord.”

(14:56) Beth discusses the prayer of “Worship,” especially praying the Psalms, and how it calibrates our relationship with God. She also shares about her love for the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

(20:45) Fr. Pullis opens up about the challenges of a prayer life, including spiritual dryness.

(27:00) Our hosts explain how important prayer is for people who work in ministry, especially. It starts with just showing up to prayer and putting aside distractions.

(37:30) Fr. Pullis explains that God wants more for you, not just from you. And then best way to receive that from him is in prayer.