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Show Notes

Fr. Steve, Danielle, and new hosts Fr. Patrick Gonyeau and Emily Mentock reflect on seasons past and look forward to what Open Door Policy has in store.

(1:38) Fr. Steve and Danielle reflect on the great successes they’ve had as hosts of 54 episodes of Open Door Policy, and they announce the transition to the podcast’s new hosts, Emily Mentock and Fr. Patrick Gonyeau.

(4:36) Danielle and Fr. Steve share memories of their favorite ODP episodes, their funniest guests, most inspiring guests, and unexpected rapid fire answers.

(16:28) Fr. Steve and Danielle reflect on the greatest graces and blessings that have come from hosting Open Door Policy over the past five seasons.

(18:58) Fr. Patrick challenges Fr. Steve and Danielle to share their favorite memories about Open Door Policy producer Ron Pangborn!

(21:26) Emily and Fr. Patrick discuss the future of Open Door Policy, what listeners can expect in the coming episodes and seasons, and what they most look forward to in the podcast.

(25:08) For listeners who don’t know her, Emily gives a little bit of background on how the Lord brought her to Detroit from South Bend and her role in the mission here.

(28:41) Danielle and Fr. Steve talk about what they’re working on now and what their futures in ministry have in store for them, like depicting Catholicism in art and inviting people to grow closer to Scripture.

(33:45) The four discuss the new 52 Sundays and how it can help families reclaim Sunday for the Lord, especially during the pandemic.

(34:47) Fr. Steve, Danielle, Fr. Patrick, and Emily share stories of when they met each other, their impressions of one another.

(39:00) Emily and Fr. Patrick thank Danielle and Fr. Steve for their time hosting Open Door Policy and wish them the best on their way! Fr. Steve closes in prayer.