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Show Notes

Fr. Marko Djonovic talks about his ministry to Detroit’s homeless, “Betterway Detroit”, his path from boxing to the priesthood and being called the “barbaric chef”.

Rapid Fire Questions and Discussion 1:38

His path to the priesthood began as a dishwasher, he’s met Mr. T and his mom will always be his hero. Fr. Marko gets his turn at Rapid Fire Questions.

Testimony 7:34

Fr. Steve begins by asking what made Fr. Marko want to follow Jesus more closely. Describing an active life cut short by health issues, Fr. Marko talks of falling into a period of depression that led him to begin studying scripture and the early life of the Church. After finally meeting Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, he opened his heart to the idea of becoming a priest. Turning the discussion to his current ministry, Fr. Marko talks about his call to see hope in people and situations. The segment ends with examples of the kind of life-changing ministry Fr. Marko and Betterway Detroit brings to the homeless.

Unleashing the Gospel 13:46

Danielle begins by asking Fr. Marko about the inspiration to start Betterway Detroit. He talks about seeing the potential in the homeless that he meets. He sees his work as an opportunity to help them raise up their dignity. Giving examples of lives changed, Fr. Marko shares how just giving someone a chance to be productive can change a life. Fr. Steve asks about ways to react when a missionary disciple encounters a homeless person. Fr. Marko suggests two things, Christian fellowsip and opportunity. He stresses that it is more about connection than giving a handout. Danielle talks about her experiences encountering the homeless in her ministry and observes that people are socialized in very different ways. Fr. Marko closes the segment talking about the areas of Detroit he works in and how the pandemic has effected his day to day ministry.

Reflection 29:32

Fr. Marko reminds us that only by the grace of God are we not homeless or in prison. We need to not judge but simply listen and be a true Christian friend. See the homeless as God sees them, a man or woman made in His image and likeness.

Episode Summary 30:49