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Show Notes

Kathleen McCann, Executive Chairman of United Road Services joins Danielle and Fr. Steve to talk about integrating faith in the business world, the awesome growth we’re seeing in the archdiocese and cold pizza for breakfast!

Rapid Fire Questions and Discussion – 01:45

Kathleen discusses her father’s impact on her life and her babysitting expertise as the eldest of six.

Testimony – 10:53

In this segment we hear about Kathleen’s experience in the business world as a woman of faith and the Executive Chairman of United Road Services. She discusses listening to Christ in her business and personal decisions and asking for God’s direction throughout her career. Danielle gets deep asking Kathleen about being a woman in business and God’s plan for her life and being an integrated person.

Unleashing the Gospel – 22:08

Fr. Steve asks Kathleen how she’s seen the archdiocese change over the past decade and where she sees the archdiocese going. She points to the Archbishop’s words on changing our DNA, which led to the Synod, which would lead to his Pastoral Letter, Unleash the Gospel. Our hosts get into how different personalities and people can get involved in our mission and how the story of the archdiocese is each of ours, too. Kathleen goes on to share what she’s hopeful for and how much she appreciates the difference a single person can make. She notes how important Catholic schools are to who we are as a Church, and the urgency in our post-Christian culture in forming our children in truth.

Reflection – 36:40

Kathleen reminds us that everything is a gift, and we need to trust that God will show us what the gift is.

Episode Summary – 37:33