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Show Notes

There can be no competition in the body of Christ because we have one Lord and one united purpose (Eph 4:1-6). This month, our Eyes on Jesus team discusses the importance of having a spirit of cooperation in pursuit of our shared mission to unleash the Gospel, while also broadening the conversation to discuss how this good habit plays into our everyday lives as people seeking to live like Christ. 

0:27 – Archbishop Vigneron, Mary, and Mike greet each other and catch up on the past month.  

0:38 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron about celebrations for his 75th birthday. 

1:36 – Archbishop Vigneron shares about the violence in the Holy Land, praying for peace there, and his thoughts on leading the Archdiocese of Detroit through a time like this. 

2:22 – Mary reminds us of the importance of prayer and asks Archbishop Vigneron how offering Mass and praying the Rosary can help. 

3:12 – Recalling the recent ordinations of two new permanent deacons for the Archdiocese, Mary asks Archbishop Vigneron to define the permanent diaconate and explain the deacon’s role in the Church. 

7:46 – Archbishop Vigneron shares plans for the ministry of Bishop Monforton, the Archdiocese of Detroit’s newest auxiliary bishop.  

9:28 – Mary introduces this month’s main topic, the spirit of cooperation, one of the good habits Archbishop Vigneron wrote about in Unleash the Gospel (in addition to apostolic boldness, docility to the Holy Spirit, confidence in God, and an attitude of gratitude). 

10:19 – Archbishop Vigneron shares an overview of what it means to have a spirit of cooperation within the Church. 

11:21 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron to talk about some of the obstacles people face when trying to embrace a spirit of cooperation. 

14:36 – Mary and Archbishop Vigneron discuss examples of cooperation given to us by God, including the Holy Trinity, Jesus and Mary, and God giving us grace to be co-agents in His work of salvation. 

16:56 – Archbishop Vigneron reflects on how he’s seen a spirit of cooperation embraced in the Archdiocese of Detroit since Synod 16, particularly through Families of Parishes. 

19:51 – Mike asks Archbishop Vigneron to share additional examples of a spirit of cooperation from Scripture and Church history. 

22:06 – Archbishop Vigneron and Mary discuss how cooperation is critical to building up the domestic Church, or the family. 

23:40 – Archbishop Vigneron offers the story of Adam and Eve as an example of what can happen when there’s a breakdown in cooperation. 

24:43 – Mary asks Mike to share what cooperation looks like in his own Family of Parishes. 

26:41 – Archbishop Vigneron shares how his ministry is helped greatly by cooperation between his brother bishops in the Archdiocese of Detroit. 

29:20 – Archbishop Vigneron shares the contents of a birthday card sent to him by a kindergartener, and then answers listener questions about what brings him close to God, the cheerleaders in his life, and how the Church has changed in his lifetime. 

36:30 – Archbishop Vigneron shares his prayer intentions for the month and closes the episode with a prayer and blessing.