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Show Notes

0:26 – Archbishop Vigneron, Mary, and Mike greet each other and catch up on the previous month.

1:03 – Mary asks the Archbishop about what inspired the decision to hold the Missionary Renewal Assembly, a gathering held June 27-29 for priests and lay leaders serving in Families of Parishes to come together, pray, and recommit themselves to our missionary identity.

5:08 – Mary introduces this month’s main topic, the Universal Call to Holiness, and asks the Archbishop Vigneron to explain where this teaching comes from.

7:44 – The Archbishop explains that while every person is called to holiness, that holiness will look different for each person.

12:27 – The Archbishop emphasizes that this call to holiness is about more than just our relationship with God; it’s about how we fulfill our mission and how we serve others.

16:52 – Mary asks the Archbishop to explain some of the key points in Pope Francis’ 2018 Apostolic Exhortation Gaudate et exsultate (Rejoice and be glad), especially the Holy Father’s statement that we must repurpose the call to holiness in a practical way for our own time with all the risks, challenges, and opportunities.

19:32 – Mike asks the Archbishop what he thinks are some of the challenges facing the clergy and laity today.

25:34 – The Archbishop explains how the Beatitudes relate to holiness and how we can use them as guides for living.

32:51 – Mary asks the Archbishop what advice he would give to someone who is struggling to see opportunities for holiness in their life.

37:10 – The Archbishop answers listener questions, including which sacrament makes him feel closest to God, his favorite and least favorite parts of being an Archbishop, and whether God knows everything about us.

42:42 – The Archbishop shares his prayer intentions for the month and closes the episode with a prayer and blessing.