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Show Notes

Archbishop discusses the Sacrament of Reconciliation, including its basis in Sacred Scripture, its importance in the lives of faithful Catholics, and some of his personal experiences as a penitent.

0:20 – Mike and Mary greet Archbishop Vigneron and our hosts catch up on the past month.

1:10 – Archbishop Vigneron talks about the experiencing of ordaining Bishop Jeffrey Walsh, the new bishop of the Diocese of Gaylord, Michigan.

2:20 – Mary asks the Archbishop about celebrating Ash Wednesday Mass at St. Aloysius in downtown Detroit, a tradition for many years for the bishops of Detroit. Archbishop Vigneron also discusses the practice of marking foreheads with ashes on Ash Wednesday.

5:00 – Mary asks the Archbishop to reflect on the experience of having members of the choir from Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Church present for Ash Wednesday Mass.

8:30 – Archbishop Vigneron talks about the Sacrament of Reconciliation, its basis in Sacred Scripture, how it can be helpful for one’s soul, and some practical advice for those wishing to make a good Confession.

19:15 – Mike asks the Archbishop to explain the difference between venial and mortal sins.

21:45 – Archbishop Vigneron elaborates on why Catholics confess their sins to priests, who are standing in for Christ, rather than confessing directly to God in private prayer.

26:35 – Mary asks the Archbishop to explain the Seal of the Confessional, the obligations it places on priests, and what it means for penitents.

31:10 – Mary asks the Archbishop to explain how the Sacrament of Reconciliation can help Catholics grow in holiness.

33:20 – Mike asks the Archbishop to explain some of the formation that seminarians receive to help them become good confessors.

37:25 – Archbishop Vigneron, Mike, and Mary recall their first experience of Confession.

40:15 – Archbishop Vigneron recalls one of the more profound experiences he’s had as a penitent.

42:30 – Archbishop Vigneron answers listener questions about how the faithful are benefiting from Families of Parishes, which disciple he most identifies with, and his advice for a Californian moving to Detroit.

48:30 – Archbishop shares his prayer intentions for the month and closes the episode with a prayer and blessing.