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Show Notes

Archbishop Vigneron discusses his latest pastoral note on digital media — both the challenges and the good that can come from them when they’re used with charity and a commitment to truth.

(0:28) Archbishop Vigneron, Mike, and Mary discuss the arrival of spring and summer, and some of the return to more normal activity after the pandemic. They also discuss the way Catholic schools rose to the challenge of the pandemic, and the Archbishop offers words of gratitude to educators and families.

(4:25) The Archbishop reflects on the USCCB meeting that was held earlier this month, sharing his key takeaways of the intensity with which the Conference seeks to serve the Church, the witness to the Eucharist, and upcoming canonization causes.

(8:07) Mary introduces this episode’s topic of communication in the digital age, which is also the subject of Archbishop Vigneron’s eighth pastoral note, The Beauty of Truth. Mary gives an overview of the note and the Archbishop shares what inspired him to write on this topic now.

(12:21) Archbishop Vigneron talks about the significance of releasing this pastoral note on the Feast of the Sacred Heart, and the three discuss the importance of how we use digital and social media to connect with others. The Archbishop also shares some of the messages he hoped to impart in specific pieces of the pastoral note.

(17:23) Mike asks about discourse that can harm the cause for truth and goodness, and the Archbishop discusses certain aspects of argumentative discourse that fail to consider the goodness of the other participants.

(22:15) Mary introduces some of the “red flags” that the Archbishop writes about in his note. The Archbishop then elaborates on some of them and discusses the ways the faithful can avoid falling into them. He talks, as well, about the responsibility that we have to use digital resources to build up rather than tear down.

(32:28) Archbishop Vigneron shares the importance of considering the positive uses of digital communications, as well. He looks back at millennia of technological advances and how they were used for the glory of God, stressing that we have those same opportunities. He then discusses the ways the digital continent can be used to connect one-on-one.

(36:38) The Archbishop gives advice on how to avoid the digital red flags, reflecting on the virtues that can counter each of them. He encourages spiritual practices and reflections before using social media to consider how to make the space better and more charitable. The three discuss “trolls” and our calling as Christians to love even when it’s not easy to love. Mary directs listeners to find the pastoral note on the Unleash the Gospel website (or linked below), and Archbishop Vigneron offers his final thoughts on the journey of growth in the digital continent that all disciples are on together.

(43:52) Archbishop Vigneron answers questions from the faithful about the importance of philosophy in the study of theology, the presence of multiple Catholic rites in Michigan, and the strangest thing the Archbishop has ever blessed.

(55:09) The Archbishop asks for prayers for the transition to Families of Parishes, and he closes with a blessing.

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