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Show Notes

The role of Catholic schools in unleashing the Gospel must not be underestimated. Archbishop Vigneron writes that, “Our catholic schools must be training grounds for future saints.” It’s these training grounds where countless young people are invited to encounter Jesus, grapple with the tough questions, and grow into a wholehearted Christian worldview, where the dignity of the human person is consistently upheld. Listen to disciples in the Archdiocese who have been impacted by Catholic schools and have lent their gifts to the mission of Catholic education; and be inspired by Archbishop Vigneron’s vision of allowing Catholic schools to be the heart of the evangelistic efforts of the Church.

(00:00) We introduce today’s topic of unleashing the Gospel through Catholic schools by referring to Archbishop Vigneron’s strategic vision for Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit, Unleashing our Catholic Schools and highlighting how Catholic schools play an integral role in unleashing the Gospel.

(01:28) We revisit our conversation with Fr. David Pellican, chaplain at Divine Child High School. We hear his dream of creating an environment where young people can authentically encounter Jesus through their experience at school. Next, we hear from Marlon De La Torre, Director of Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship for the Archdiocese, who had a powerful encounter with Jesus during his time at Catholic school. He describes how, through Catholic school, he began to discover that God was real and had a plan for his life.

(08:27) Guest, Eileen Newell, who serves on the Catholic Schools Council for the Archdiocese of Detroit, shares about how her Catholic school was a space where she could ask hard questions and find answers in her Catholic faith. She goes on to share how her experience was not just intellectual or religious, but was full of a rich community and oriented her towards her commitment to promoting Catholic schools even today.

(13:37) We highlight that, at Catholic schools, each student is seen as a whole human person, a saint in the making. In a discussion with Beth Spizarny and Fr. Steve Pullis Associate Superintendent of Detroit Catholic Schools, Laura Knaus shares how, as an adult, she grew to deeply appreciate this aspect of Catholic schools: where she adopted a Catholic worldview, which holds each person as a reflection of God himself.

(17:49) We highlight Archbishop Vigneron’s desire that cost would not be a hindrance for any family seeking Catholic education for their children. Fr. Patrick Gonyeau and Eileen Newell reiterate this desire and they invite parents facing that challenge to seek solutions with other families, principals, and pastors, reiterating that a Catholic education is worth the investment, and a faith-filled education is worth our Church helping parents access for their children.

(19:58) We reflect on the exciting mission of Catholic education and the 84 schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit that are doing this important work of evangelization. For more information on Detroit Catholic Schools, visit detroitcatholicschools.org.