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Episode 74: Laura Sparling

Marquette Method instructor Laura Sparling discusses her journey to joyful missionary discipleship and how she witnesses God changing lives through…


Episode 73: Colleen Vermeulen

Colleen Vermeulen, Director of the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan, shares her experience of reading the Catechism of the Catholic…


Episode 72: Fr. Jake VanAssche

Fr. Jake VanAssche, administrator at St. Damien of Molokai Parish in Pontiac, discusses his priestly vocation and the graces that…


A Feast For Detroit

Ederique Goudia is on a mission to rescue the lost food of Detroit and turn it into beautiful meals for…


Episode 71: John Hale

John Hale, President of Corporate Travel, discusses the importance of always being open to God’s grace, and what he learned…