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6-Day UTG Challenge

Go, therefore, and unleash the Gospel. This 6-Day Challenge is just the beginning.

6-Day Challenge

Watch these six videos to learn more about our mission to unleash the Gospel. We hope in these videos you hear a personal invitation to encounter Jesus anew, grow as his disciple and become a witness to God’s everlasting mercy.

You can also join our six-day challenge. In addition to the videos, you will receive an email with a short reflection that will help you pray and reflect on how you can respond to God’s call to renew our families, our parishes, our region, and our Church.

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UTG Challenge Teaser

Your willingness to step out in faith is a step toward the renewal for our region, our world and our Church. We hope in the next 6 days, you hear a personal invitation from God to encounter Jesus, grow as a disciple, and become a witness to God’s everlasting mercy.


Video 1 UTG Challenge: Our Mission

For the Gospel to be unleashed, we must experience a radical overhaul, from an inward, maintenance-focused Church to an outward, mission-focused Church.


Video 2 UTG Challenge: Why Here and Why Now

It's clear that the need for the Gospel in our region is stronger now than ever before.


Video 3 UTG Challenge: A New Identity

To unleash the Gospel, our communities need to be reshaped into the spirit-led and radical missionary-minded identity of the early Church.


Video 4 UTG Challenge: Our Individual Role

Unleashing the Gospel begins with each of us experiencing Christ’s love personally and starting to feel authentic joy in following Him.


Video 5 UTG Challenge: The Role of Families

Families are at the very heart of this movement to Unleash the Gospel, because it's the first place we're called to evangelize and live as disciples.


Video 6 UTG Challenge: For Generations to Come

This is a massive movement, a radical transformation of our Church, a mission too grand for only a few of us. There can be no bystanders. We each have a unique role to play.